Anke : Behind The Look

When this idea came about, it was only supposed to be a lookbook for Anke. It occurred to me that people always complimented her style. Obviously, she would disagree with this, but when I made the promo I realized that this is not me; this is not my kind of work or style and a lookbook would be too surface level. l am a deep guy and with all my work there is always a deeper meaning behind my images.

Anke once told me that one of her friends said, that at first sight, they feared her because of her strong look, saying that she seemed unapproachable. This is when it hit me that with every compliment comes the negative reaction and that is what this short film/documentary is about; that there is more to someone than just looks and once you see the other side, it might not be as pretty or alternatively, that person could surprise you with how alike you are to each other. The point of this film was to showcase how everyone can relate to another person’s story.

This is my first short film that I have done, and I must admit that I am proud of myself for sticking it through, right to the end. I conceptualized, directed, shot, produced and edited the entire short film which, I will not lie, was a real headache. It was a true learning experience, and this is a new journey in my career that I intend on pursuing more seriously as I do with my stills photography. You can view the video in the film section on this website.

Thank you and I hope you enjoy it.

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