Wander/Wonder Collection

A series of photographs I'm going to be doing for the next few months highlighting the struggles and pressures society puts on woman to be "perfect" and the over dramatic insecurities media highlights. Each image has a poem attached to it which is written by me.

"I wake with you always there.All you bring me is this deep sensation of fear, nobody sees you because you so well covered. I hide you with images and beautiful words so that they think you perfect. Little do they know you drain me, corrupt my natural and pure happiness, you took away my innocence of being me... " - Insecurity

"Swallow me whole, consume my soul and drown me in fear of loss. I sit and wonder gathering my thoughts spread out like a bed of flowers before me,walked on, like a path leading to no where, yet every where. I belong to all yet only one knows my secret. I am a closet filled with bones . I am a closet filled with bones... "

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