December 2, 2017


This is how GirlxUntitled came about. One day while sitting at work, I had this statement running through my mind all day; this statement was:


"The innocence of not knowing. The bliss of not being known" and the idea behind that line, was:


How much better would life be for a woman coming into this world, with no knowledge of this worlds terrors against women? And how beautiful it would be, to not be known so that; labels and expectations can no longer be placed against you for being a woman?


Anke Houtzamer and I, together, formulated and moulded those words into the photographs and short film's that were produced. 


The model, Raisa Moola, was the poet as well. She wrote the most beautiful poem to fit with the photographs and films that were produced. Her beautiful words brought everything together in the most elegant way.  


GirlxUntitled showcases the shift in innocence in women in this world that we live in and why this change is inevitable. We showcased this by having three separate categories, those being; the innocence collection; the sentience collection and lastly; the untitled collection, with each collection having a short film. 


The first collection showcases innocence. It features oceanic scenes and a white dress to portray purity and the concept of "not knowing".