This is how GirlxUntitled came about. One day while sitting at work, I had this statement running through my mind all day; this statement was:

"The innocence of not knowing. The bliss of not being known" and the idea behind that line, was:

How much better would life be for a woman coming into this world, with no knowledge of this worlds terrors against women? And how beautiful it would be, to not be known so that; labels and expectations can no longer be placed against you for being a woman?

Anke Houtzamer and I, together, formulated and moulded those words into the photographs and short film's that were produced.

The model, Raisa Moola, was the poet as well. She wrote the most beautiful poem to fit with the photographs and films that were produced. Her beautiful words brought everything together in the most elegant way.

GirlxUntitled showcases the shift in innocence in women in this world that we live in and why this change is inevitable. We showcased this by having three separate categories, those being; the innocence collection; the sentience collection and lastly; the untitled collection, with each collection having a short film.

The first collection showcases innocence. It features oceanic scenes and a white dress to portray purity and the concept of "not knowing".

The second collection, called "Sentience," features a forest and the clothing choices here, were to show that the innocence was slowly drifting away.

While having a sense of purity as the girl became knowledgeable of herself in relation to the world, her innocence started drifting. In this collection, we see darker clothing choices and her feet running through the dirty forest grounds.

The last collection which is called "Untitled" then showcases how the innocence is completely lost. The paint across her face shows how the girl now must deal with societal pressures; uneasy stares and most importantly; how she now faces the struggles and complexities of her womanhood in this world. We strategically then chose the city as our backdrop for the scenes in this collection, together with the white dress featured again and her eventually taking this dress off and dropping it to the ground as a metaphoric symbol of how the innocence escaped her.

The white dress featured was designed by Kush Trademark Clothing, owned by Dane Houtzamer, an up and coming designer in Cape Town. The other clothing choices were borrowed to us by Almost Famous, a store in Claremont.

Anke Houtzamer and I together, put an extreme amount of thought into each photo and each film and how we would showcase these thoughts into an artistic piece. And this is what we produced.

We are extremely proud of ourselves and we have been selling prints and the main photographs online. We have also been selling smaller prints. Part of the proceeds of these sales will be donated to the charity of our choice; The Novalis Ubuntu Institute. Part of the money charged for ticket sales was also to go towards this charity. All that we have done and accomplished, was so that we could give back to the community and do our part while giving others the opportunity to give back as well.

Clothing By: @vintageloverct & @kushtrademarkclothing

Poem by: @raisamoola

GIRLxUNTITLED : @raisamoola

Filmed & Directed by : @jay_thephotographer24 & @AnkeHoutzamer

edited by @jay_thephotographer24.

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