1.) Do you require us to sign a contract?


The answer is yes. We let our clients have a look at our contract before booking us so that they know exactly what business deal they are entering into.


2.) Booking fee for Wedding/Event?

Yes an upfront booking fee of R1000 is required for you to secure your wedding date with us. This is non refundable and separate from the charged fee. For events such as Birthday parties, Engagement Parties, etc a booking fee of R500 is required. This is non refundable and separate from the charged fee.


3.) Can I get a refund if I cancel my wedding?


Unfortunately, the answer is no. You will have to consult our contract to see what cancellation entails and the penalty fees charged.


4.) Can we change our wedding date?


We would have to charge a penalty fee if we are available for the new date that you have chosen. However, if we are not available then the cancellation clause in our contract will take effect.




5.) Do you need to see the ceremony and reception before the day?


Yes please! If you want the best photos for your special day then please take us with you to visit these locations so that we can scout the best places for your magical photos. If we have shot at a specific place before then its generally not necessary for us to scout the location again.



6.) Do I need to feed you?


Well… food helps people work efficiently and exceptionally and we love to keep our energy going for your big day. So please do not be shy to keep us fed.


7.) Do you need seating at our reception?


We do not need to be seated at a table with your guests but any space for us to be seated at some point would be perfect so that we can change lenses; set up any equipment; and re-group.


8.) Do you work overtime?


We only do this upon request. Otherwise we only work for the amount of hours that you have booked us and no later. If we work overtime upon your request then we will charge you per extra hour as stated in our wedding extras list.


9.) Can we set up our own photo booth?


You are more than welcome to set up your own photo booth and we will capture those photos within your calculated package hours. The alternative is that we set up your photo booth with props and capture those photos for an extra 2hrs. Check the wedding extras price list for this option.


10.) What would make your job easier as the photographer?


  • Guidelines on what photos/moments are essential to capture.

  • For religious or sacred venues; a briefing on what we can and cannot do or photograph.

  • Most importantly, if you want excellent photos; book a venue with a white ceiling! Lighting is a photographer’s best friend and a white ceiling would do wonders for your photos.

  • Showing us your venue/locations beforehand so that we can scout the best places to capture your special and beautiful moments.



11.) Do you edit all the photos?


Yes, we edit all the photos that we will give to you after your wedding. We do not provide you with any RAW photos as stated in the general FAQ’s above.



12.) How long does it take to get my photos?


Depending on our workload for that month, it could take three to five weeks at most (excluding any delivery time if outside the Cape Town region).



13.) Can I share my photos on social media and with friends?


Most definitely!


We love all the publicity that we can get for our photos and we love that you love the photos! However, no additional editing to the photos can be posted on any social media platform without our prior knowledge and consent. See our contract for further details about copyright.

Wedding/Event FAQ's

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