General FAQ's

1.) Can we meet up for a consultation before booking you?



We are more than willing to meet up and discuss our deals and packages in order to clarify and answer any questions that you may have. Just send us a message and we will set a date to meet up over coffee.



2.) Do you work outside of Cape Town as well?


Most definitely!

We are always eager to travel outside of Cape Town for photoshoots. However, we do charge for travel costs and sometimes we may require accommodation, depending on the distance we have to travel.


4.)Are travel, accommodation and postage worked into my packages or are they calculated separately?


They are calculated separately. Travel costs are R6 per km for 2018. Postage is charged at cost and accommodation is also reasonably charged at cost.




5.)What is your photographic style?


We love telling a story within our work. We capture precious moments and emotions in its raw state. We thrive at our work when we can capture people in their natural presence.


Apart from events and weddings, our passion lies in conceptual art and photography. We love taking something that makes people uncomfortable and showcasing people’s thoughts and struggles in an artistic light so that it not only raises awareness for a specific topic but also gets people and society comfortable when thinking about these unspoken and controversial subject matters


6.) Do you offer any discounts?


We run specials every now and then and we send out mailers to everyone subscribed to our website. So go ahead and subscribe now! (See below)


Also, do not hesitate to pop us a message and ask if we have any current specials or if we would be willing to give you a discounted price. We are open to listen to your pitch.


7.) Can I send you ideas of the type of photos that I want?


Of course you can!

We love when people know what they want and we love getting a sense of the style that you enjoy. We however cannot guarantee that the photos will look exactly the same but do not hesitate to send us your ideas!


8.) Can I have your RAW files?


Unfortunately, no you cannot. We provide you with the post-production photos only. Should you need the RAW files, send us a message with a valid reason and we will consider your request. Additional costs will apply if we provide you with these photos.


9.) How many photos will I receive from my photoshoot?


Each package offered is different and as a result you will receive differing numbers of photos, depending on the package that you choose or the amount of hours that you book us. Send us a message and we can clarify this based on your choice.


10.) What methods of payment do you accept?


EFT’s are the way to go!

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